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Shamanic Reiki Healing

For people, animals and land

Horse & Heart – Shamanic Reiki Healing –

What is Healing?


Imagine your body as a centre of energy, with each cell resonating at its own frequency. Imagine that each layer of yourself creates an energy field around you: your physical body, your soul, and your spirit – connecting you to the Earth, to the Heavens and to everyone around you.

Health is when energy flows unimpaired through all these fields, from Spirit to Earth and through your body, each cell vibrating at its optimum pitch. Dis-ease (whether physical or otherwise) is when blockages take place and the flow of energy is somehow impaired between all those different parts of you.


Healing is the art of harmonising  all those fields so that any blockages are released, and every cell that had lost its true pitch is helped to vibrate healthily again. Healing can take place on any plane: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, bringing balance, release and relief where needed.


Healing is triggered by the person's own intention and channelled by the healer. The Healing energy is a Universal viration that links all living beings. The healer is merely a channel, placing themselves at the service of the patient and of their healing journey. 


Healing energy is, in effect, Love channeled through consciousness. It belongs to all, and we are naturally designed to respond to it.

Rei-ki means Universal Energy and is accessed by the healer through attunement: much like a musical instrument is tuned to a chosen pitch, a person can be attuned to channel Healing energy for others. This is a Japanese tradition of energy Healing taught by Usui Mikao one hundred years ago, which focuses on channelling Love & Light, often through the laying of hands. I am attuned to Reiki and am a Reiki  Master practitioner.

Shamanic healing is a much more ancient tradition present in many indiginous cultures around the world. It involves understanding how to connect to the spiritual planes where everything is linked by energy, and asking for the help of Spirit Guides who reside in those realms and protect us from there.

Shamanic healing has a strong connection to the elements – Earth, Air, Water  & Fire – and places a great emphasis on consciousness.


One of purposes of Shamanic Healing  is Soul Piece Retrieval, namely the act of retrieving fragment of souls lost by a person through trauma or hardship and bringing them back to them, helping make the person whole again on all their levels. 

The practice I follow is closest to the Lakota tradition of North America and does not involve the use of any psychotropic substances.

Both traditions flow with each other seamlessly in my practice, and what you will receive is a marriage of both.

Healing can be applied to all living beings – humans, animals, plants, land – or to help resolve a situation. It is very gentle and is suitable for all ages and conditions. A Healing treatment can be given in person or remotely.

Healing can act on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual planes, bringing relief and positive transformation.  

Horses have their own way of channelling Healing, and I work in close partnership with my herd when offering Healing, in person or remote. Sessions taking place in the Horse & Heart herd combine the laying of hands with the meeting of the horses to receive their guidance. This is a potent experience weaving human and horses' Healing energy, held by all of us. 

How does it work?

Although intangible, the Healing energy is part of Nature and we  – and all living creatures – are designed  to tap into it. It is, in essence, an energy of balance: when channelled, the Healing energy will restore balance wherever something in us is  out of sync.


It is the original energy that we are all made of, and when allowing it to flow through us it helps us resonate again at our true pitch, on all levels.

Channelling Healing energy can be done in many ways, and you will encounter healers who each have their own style. In essence, they all stem from one core element: setting an intention and opening a path for the Healing energy to flow. Often, this is channelled through the healer's hands, but it can also be done remotely by guiding the energy simply through intention, and is just as potent. Tools such as pendulums, dancing, drumming etc act as amplifiers or support, focusing the energy. Certain objects also have their own healing vibrations (crystals, tuning forks, gongs etc).

The Healing journey is a direct contract between the patient and the Healing energy.  A true healer is merely a channel, acting on the patient's request and putting themselves completely at the service of Love. Free will and conscious request are an essential part of the contract. A Healing session can only take place at the patient's own request and the Healing energy will only bring the patient what they are ready for. This contract takes place on a deep level and the healer is simply there to facilitate it, not knowing the details of it.

The Healing energy seeks places of dissonance and imbalance in the energy body and in the physical body of the patient, and proceeds to re-tuning each of them, starting from "above" – in the spiritual body – and working its way "down" into the physical body.

When working with Spirit Guides, Healing is also a way of bringing back pieces of yourself that have gone missing, to become whole again. These "soul pieces" in shamanic terms were either lost or unwisely parted with on your life's journey, and together we can call them home again.

This all takes place on an energy level, and the easiest way to understand it is to go back to this image that everything that exists has a vibration, invisible but resonating. Each living organism resonates either its true pitch of healthy clarity, or vibrates at a dissonant pitch, bringing dis-ease all the way down to the physical plane. Any physical symptoms are simply the reslut of a blockage or a dissonance in vibration having travelled down from the energy bodies into the physical body. The same goes for emotional and mental ill-being.


"Connecting to energy" and "Channelling energy" simply mean having gained an understaning of how to access those vibrations and re-harmonising them from their source, which is LOVE.

It may seem mysterious, but in fact is the simplest and most natural way of life & health, an original connection to natural forces that move us as they move the world.

If the concept of spiritual realms and Spirit Guides is too much for you, you don't have to worry too much about it. As with anything else that one can delve in, the world of Healing leads us to discover things we had never thought of before and to understanding things on different levels. This brings a host of concepts and perspectives that can seem extraordinary. But it isn't necessary to understand, or, indeed, to see things in the same way to benefit from a Healing session.


LOVE belongs to all and is given to all, and  you will be given just what you ask for – and give permission for.

How do animals understand Healing energy?

Animals respond to Healing with natural ease. They immediately understand what it is and are very good at showing what and how much of it they need. The Land, or any living organism, tunes in just as naturally to a Healing treatment.

Perhaps it is because it is in fact very simple, and very natural, and animals don't question things – they just are. They know Healing like they know breathing, and many animals journey into Healing consciously too. Horses, cats, elephants and dolphins are renowned for it, but all living creatures do it in their own way, and share it to help each other, too. My bees certainly do.

Horse & Heart – Shamanic Reiki Healing –

The Shaman Horse

In many ancient cultures across the world, horses were believed to have the power to carry their rider to the other world, and back again safely.

This is the journey the Shaman undertakes during a Healing session, one where she is accompanied by her animal spirit guides.

Horses take on this role naturally, knowing the way, leading us further – and carrying us back home safely.


Consultations can take place either:

  • in person, in the Horse & Heart herd and with the help of the horses

  • in peron, at your home

  • remotely

Healing sessions can be given to people (adults or children), animals or even to the land.

Healing can also be channelled to heal a situation present or past, or to a person or animal who has passed away.

A person may only book a session for themselves, a child they are the guardian of, an animal who is in their care, or someone who is unable to consciously ask for it for themselves. Permission will always be requested from the patient wherever they can express it themselves, and where they can't, I will request if from their Spirit Guides.

How many sessions to book

  • 1 Session – for a moment of nourishment and peace, or to take the 1st step of a journey and give yourself time to digest it.

  • 3 Sessions – to work on a specific issue and feel some progress, setting you on your path with conscious tools for transformation. 

  • 5 Sessions – to go deep into an issue and complete a first cycle of resolution.

What to expect

Once you have booked your session, we have an initial conversation to define what you are looking for and what brings you to this journey.  I will help you clarify, and set, your own intention of Healing

Sessions in person will typically involve the laying of hands – very gently – on or just above your body, although this is not necessary and will work just as effectively if standing at a distance if you prefer, or, indeed, remotely. Simply ask for what you need.

Where the horses are present, they help channel their own Healing energy and will bring their own messages to you, which I will translate where necessary. The horses freely choose to engage or not with a session.


I will also invite you to choose other healing tools that you may feel drawn to. This is all very relaxed and informal, there is no pressure and all answers are "right".

No substances are taken for a Healing session: it is all simply a conscious calling onto LOVE, integrity, and an opening of the heart.

If the session is for someone else (a child, an animal or a person unable to ask for themselves), I will ask for their permission, intention and preferences through energy communication. Healing is always offered, never imposed, and is given always with utmost respect of the receiver.

During the session, you may experience a sense of relaxation, certain physical sensations such as tingling, muscle release, heat, or emotions moving through you. Most people find the experience pleasurable and relaxing, although it can sometimes be intense and, if one isn't used to it, slightly uncomfortable. Other people do not feel anything at all. In any case, you are always free to ask for what you need and pause or halt the session at any point. 

Likewise, animals are very good at expressing their need and at letting us know how much they want to engage with a Healing session: they will turn or walk away when they have had enough and their desire will always be respected. In remote sessions the issue doesn't arise: the receiver will only connect to and absorb just what they need or want.


During a session I may receive images or messages for you from your Guides, or from the Healing energy itself. I will share these with you at the end of the session.

If the session is taking place remotely, we will speak over the phone and then set a date and time for your session to take place. You do not need to make yourself available at the time of the session: I will tune into you and the Healing takes place on an energy level. Some people, however, choose to tune in at the same time too, or simply to set up a space of relaxation and cocooning for themselves. We then share about the session, and I give you the feedback, by phone or email.

All information regarding your session is treated as strictly confidential and I do not share it with anyone else.

After the session and over the course of the following days – or longer for more subtle effects – you may experience signs of release, both physical and emotional. These can include feeling sleepy, tearful, a sense of deep calm and clarity, or certain physical and emotional sensations. This is normal: it is your body and energy readjusting after being re-tuned. It can sometimes feel a bit raw if a tender spot was touched during the Healing, but it will settle in time. You may also experience brainwaves or a new sudden understanding, or a new kind of strength that you didn't know you had. Again, some people do not notice anything at all, other than the fact that their life took a different course when they look back upon it later.

Healing can help bring relief and positive transformation on all planes,  release trapped emotions, support the letting go of an illness, and help bring clarity to a situation. Healing can affect the physical planes and some symptoms or an illness may be eased or disappear. However, the Healing energy works its way from "the top down" and begins with re-aligning what comes first on your journey. The symptoms that concern you may need a lot of other things to be re-tuned before Healing can take place on their level. A  Healing session is therefore to be approached and understood as a personal journey rather than as a cure, and with sole target the undertaking of a path of consciousness. 

Horse & Heart – Shamanic Reiki Healing –

Retreats & Courses


Healing Retreats and courses are offered among the Horse & Heart herd.


With the horses as companions and guides, you will explore your own unique ability to tune into the invisible vibration of the universal language of the world, and call upon the pure energy of LOVE for your own development and healing. 


You can also host a  course at your own location, for your own group: we will work with your setup and with or without animal companions, as the learning outcomes can be achieved in the way that suits you best.

This is a journey deep into your own heart for Healing, connection and empowerment.

What to expect


During a course, you will learn simple exercises to help you become aware of energy planes and of your own innate capacity for channelling Love – the foundation of Healing energy. Sometimes we may work in connection to, and with the help of, horses or other animals. Or we may simply work with each other, and with Nature. Courses can also have a specific theme explored in more depth.

At the end of the course you will go home with practical tools to continue to develop and make progress on your journey.


All abilities are welcome: whether you are an experienced healer seeking a new outlook, new skills, or more structure, or whether you are a complete beginner: the Healing energy is accessible to all of us. It is the very energy of Life and it already belongs to you.


Everyone can do it, it is a gentle and beautiful experience of connection.


Advanced courses for further skills are also offered to returning students.

If you are new to Heart connection or if you wish to prepare yourself for a deeper experience before attending a course, I strongly recommend taking the Home Study Course  Touching their Hearts  as a foundation to all practices of energy connection.

Horse & Heart – Shamanic Reiki Healing –

Spiritual Readings & Support –

Calling your Angels

A Spiritual Reading consultation is a connection to your own spirit guides & protective angels specifically for your guidance and support. A Reading is a conversation between yourself and your Guides where I act as a messenger on your behalf, pass on your questions and relay answers back to you.

Everyone has their own Guides and Angels surrounding them, inclduding you. These are appointed to each of us to provide support and guidance where we need it, and, most importantly, when we ask for it. The choice is always yours.

You may wish to ask for a Reading to make a first connection with your own Guides, to receive guidance on a particular issue or simply to better understand your Soul Path.

Know that your Guides hold for you a space of complete LOVE and that you are always welcome, exactly as you are.

Spiritual Readings can take place in person or remotely.

A person can only book a Spiritual Reading for themselves.

Spiritual Support is offered for specific events in your life, where I hold a space of Love & Light for you and call in your Angels and Guides to help and support you on a particular day.

This may be to bring peace and Love to a challenging meeting, or strength and clarity in a moment where you need to stretch yourself (for example giving a public speech), or also to reinforce a key event in your life with full spiritual awareness – such as a wedding for example. Spiritual Support can also help you find strength and faith in a moment of transition, for example during an end-of-life ceremony.

Spiritual Support can take place in person or remotely. When in person, I accompany you or attend your event for up to 2 hours. If remotely, I tune into you at the given time and for the duration of your event, and get in touch later for feedback.

Know that your Angels & Guides exist solely to support you and welcome you exactly as you are. Calling upon them consciously enables them to help you in ways that they cannot do otherwise.

You may only book a Spiritual Support session for:
- Yourself
- A child you are the legal parent or guardian of, with their consent (for babies I will ask for permission from their Spirit Guide).
- A friend or relative who is not able to give consent (for example if they are severely disabled or unconscious).
- An animal you are the legal guardian of.

Horse & Heart – Shamanic Reiki Healing –


Can Healing cure me of an illness?

Curing and Healing are 2 different perspectives, although they are linked.

Curing is the overcoming of one or a set of specific physical (or emotional / mental) symptoms. The focus there is on the symptoms and these are considered separate from, or in opposition with, the person's general state of health. From that perspective, illness and death are viewed as a failure of medicine and science, and everything is attempted to target the undesirable symptoms and defeat them.

Healing, on the other hand, is a treatment of a person as a whole, encompassing their energetic and spiritual bodies as well as the physical. Healing can come with an intention to ease symptoms but it will always act as a harmonisation of all levels of a person. Physical symptoms may improve or disappear after a Healing session (or a series of them), however, physical symptoms are typically blcokages become "dense", meaning that the initial imbalance took place on a subtler level and has travelled all the way into the body over time. Releasing the chain of blockages can take time and work. Each Healing session will bring the next release, the one you are ready for.

Shamanic Reiki Healing is a valuable tool to take charge of one's own Health and will support any cure. However, it is not a medical act nor a diagnosis and does not replace medical treatment.

Are there any contraindication to receiving a Healing and can it make things worse?

No, Healing is always safe as it is merely an energy of LOVE and harmony: it is beneficial for all and at all times, and will always support recovery. As it is activated by intention and consent, moreover, every person receives only what they have given permission for and what they are ready to process. 

It is possible, however, to experience signs of discomfort or release after a session. This is normal and settles in time, but it is also ok to ask for more support if this occurs. 

A Reiki treatment will speed up recovery and body repairs: it is therefore recommended, when dealing with broken bones, to ensure that these have been reset to their correct position before administering a treatment. Caution should also  be exercised if you have a pacemaker as Healing energy can be powerful and this needs to be taken into account by the healer.

A Healer is not a doctor and cannot give medical advice. Always seek qualified medical advice if you have any cause of concern – this is not in opposition with a Healing journey, on the contrary, both work very well together and the more information you have, the better access you will have to what you need on your journey.

What if I don't feel anything during my Healing session?

This is normal too, not everyone experiences noticeable sensations. It will depend largely on how used you are to tuning into your own body or your inner state of being. Most people, however, do experience a sense of calm and relaxation – but this too can vary. In any case, the sensations or absence of sensations during a treatment do not affect its effectiveness in any way. The work does take place where it needs to and you should hopefully notice its benefits in due course.  

I don't believe in spiritual realms, can I still benefit from a treatment?

Yes, absolutely. There is no obligation to adhere to any particular views in order to receive, or indeed benefit from, a Healing session. Those words – "Spiritual", "Energy" etc – are simply an attempt at naming something that is intangible, an experience of the invisible. Everyone may have their own understanding of these things – or even accept that they don't understand them at all. It isn't an issue, the work still takes place.  

Is believing in Spiritual Healing in opposition with a scientific understanding?

Think about this: would you say that, in your body, your heart is in opposition with your brain? Probably not. They both play a vital part in maintaing your life, each with their specific role and in their own place, and vitally linked with each other. If one dies, the other dies too. And it doesn't matter whether you "believe" in your heart or in your brain, they are there regardless, doing what they do.

You can look at Healing and Understanding as having similar roles on an energy level: they play a different part in making you whole, each equally as important, each in balance with the other and there regardless of your beliefs. 

Is Healing an esotheric practice?

I personally don't see Healing as esotheric at all. Reiki and Shamanic Healing both came into my life in the most natural and undramatic ways, very gently and simply making sense at some point on my journey. In both cases, although I have had to learn and practice their specific skill sets, they have felt surprisingly familiar – deeply known both by my body and my soul. Healing has come to me fluidly and naturally, like something remembered, not discovered. Over many years of practice now, my experience has been that this is the case for everybody else, too. There is not resistance, no strangeness in tuning into LOVE or channelling it for someone else, nor is there any to receive it. It feels like the most natural process in the world, one that we are designed to experience – a practice that is and has always been a part of us in the same way that breathing and living are.

Modern science may not explain its mechanics yet, but I don't see that that should be a cause for concern: so has always been the course of all things. Science is only an attempt at observation and many things are out of its grasp yet. For example, we have used speech as a reliable form of communication without being able to see or understand sound waves for thousands of years – we didn't wait for Leonardo Da Vinci to officially "prove" their existence in the 16th century to trust that sound was real and to speak to each other! This didn't make the use of language an esotheric practice. The same goes for Energy Healing.

How can Healing work remotely?

I can only share my experience on this. Unlike physical means of "treating" (such as medical treatment) when tuning into Healing energy the connection takes place not through the physical senses but through an energy path. My experience is that we – all living creatures and beings – are all connected deep down, on a level that exists before our physical manifestation, at the very source of Life. And it is in that "place", or on that level that the Healing energy accesses and flows through anyone who calls it, and to anyone who requests it.

How can Healing be given to someone who has passed away – and why would you do it?

As strange as this may seem, it is possible to connect to, and offer Healing to, people or animals who have passed away. This is because the energy of a living being exists beyond the physical realm and has no time boundary.

When doing so I will always ask for the permission of the person or animal concerned, just as I do for any patient.

Sending Healing to someone who has passed away is a beautiful gift of Love. Love can be felt and Healing received regardless of somebody's state of being. Doing so can help bring relief for past sufferings that may still be trapped in someone's energy even after they have died, freeing them as well as all who are linked to their energy (for example children or descendants). Likewise, Healing can be given to a situation from the past, helping to bring peace and clarity all the way down to the present. It can also heal a relationship with someone whether they are still alive or have passed away. Everything that is past has an effect on the present – think about how each of those links can be healed.

Can Healing help me make better decisions in my life?

Yes. All the forces that riddle us with doubt, self-depreciation and lack of confidence are simply parts of us where we have turned away from our own power. Healing will help you become whole again, bringing back what belongs to you, enabling you to step into yourself with clarity and confidence and make decisions inspired by your own truth and Love.

If it is clarity that you are looking for specifically, you can choose to book a Spiritual Reading session, where you will be able to ask all your questions to your Spirit Guides and Guardian Angel.

How many sessions should I book?

This depends on what you are looking for:

1 Session – for a moment of nourishment and peace, or to take the 1st step of a journey and give yourself time to digest it.

3 Sessions – to work on a specific issue and feel some progress, setting you on your path with conscious tools for transformation. 

5 Sessions – to go deep into an issue and complete a first cycle of resolution.

Horse & Heart – Shamanic Reiki Healing –



« Since my session I have felt much more grounded. I have felt more able to deal with difficult situations in life – every time something comes up I get a sense of that strength and calm the Healing has given me. I feel very empowered. » Angela

« I can't thank you enough – I thought my little dog was dying, the prognosis was bad. She is now happy and perky again, her pain seems to have disappeared and she sleeps soundly. The vet could not explain it. » Marie-Claire

« I felt so relaxed and at peace – I slept like I hadn't for months and the feeling of unease I had lived with before seems to have settled. » Peter

« Every treatment got me through a new threshold. I feel cleaner and clearer, like I have let go of a lot. » Helen

« It was a very beautiful reading – so clearly true, it was like talking to my own Angel. » Sarah

« My horse just loves it – he melts right into your hands. He also feels so much calmer now. Something has shifted. » Myriam

« I couldn't believe how easy and natural it felt to find my own healing energy. It was like reconnecting to something I had always known! » Philip

« I felt enveloped in love – it seemed to reach right into my heart. » Cath

« When I started on the Healing journey (first receiving Healing before ever practicing it myself), I did so because of physical and mental health issues – seeking to "cure symptoms" as people often do. What happened over the years was an extraordinary, but very gentle transformation of my outlook on life. Looking back, I realised that it was through Healing that I found the clarity and strength to make the decisions that have shaped my life. My symptoms disappeared, including those that had been diagnosed incurable, through the gradual cleansing and rebalancing of each session, my realignement with my Life path, and the work I put into making it happen. »   Marie

Avec Di copy 2.jpg

About Marie

Marie is a qualified Reiki Master and Shamanic Healing practitioner with experience both with humans and animals as well as with Nature and elemental energies.

She has developed her Healing approach through years of personal experience on her own Healing and Spiritual journey, learning from her Spirit Guides as well as from Healers of different cultures and styles.

Marie is also a trained Animal Communicator, a practice which she weaves into her Healing when working with animals or the land.

Marie is passionate about Healing as a birthright to all, and is dedicated to sharing her skills and gifts received from her Guides in order to help everyone reclaim their own Healing potential.  As a dynamic instructor with a background in alternative education she loves creating learning programmes to make this skill accessible to all. Marie continues to develop her own skills by learning from Master Healers whom she meets and seeks out. 

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