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Horse & Heart –

Our Ethos

Horse & Heart is a social venture created for educational & healing purposes and operating with a Not-for-Profit ethos:

  • All profits are  invested back into the social & educational projects we live for.

  • We offer High quality training for employability, developing social skills, community building, empowerment, empathy and resilience.

  • Our goal is to offer education and healing to anyone who needs it, reaching out especially to those who are more vulnerable or in difficulty.

Our running costs are high however, an it can be difficult to cover our costs while keeping our services affordable for all. 

How You Can Support Us

Are you good at sourcing Funding for social projects? Help us get the funding we need!

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Horse & Heart –

Support Us with a Donation

If you are able to sponsor a course or a student as a one off donation or on an ongoing basis, here are some examples of what it costs us to run:

  • True Ways – 1 student for 1 year (12 days) = £3,200

  • True Ways – 1 group for 1 year (6 students, 12 days) = £19,200

  • Whisperkid'z – 1 student for 1 course (5 days) = £665

  • Whisperkid'z – 1 group for 1 course (6 students, 5 days)  = £4,000

  • Vulnerable / low income Adult or Child – 1 student for 1 course (5 days) = £1,333

  • Vulnerable / low income Adults or Children – 1 group for 1 course (6 to 12 students, 5 days) = £8,000

  • Special Event / 1 Day course = £1,600

  • Healing – 3 sessions  = £360

  • Healing – 5 sessions  = £600

  • Feeding & Care – 1 horse for 1 year = £2,000

  • Feeding & Care – 1 horse for 1 month = £165

Your donation will appear as a "sponsored place / course" on our booking page.

It can also enable us to directly contact organisations who are looking for opportunities for vulnerable adults or children, and organise a course directly for their existing groups.

You may also choose to specify who you would like to support or a course theme– for example, you can sponsor a course on Empathy, on Resilience, or on Connection, or any of our themes.

Or why not choose to support ethnical minorities, hidden disabilities, children who have dropped out of school, women and girls facing abuse, mothers & daughters, fathers & sons,  war veterans, environmental or peace activists or even corporate employees for more empathetic company dynamics... or any cause close to your heart.

But you can also let us choose an organisation or theme for your gift.

A little help can go a long way in changing someone's life forever. 

Thank You!

Horse & Heart – Holistic Horsemanship –

Crowdfunding Campaign
Our Land & Water
Healing Challenge

Please help us meet the cost of making our drinking water clean again and of cleansing our land from pollution!

Read the full sory of a journey back to health and balance for the herd, for myself and for our beautiful land. 

We need your help!

Horse & Heart –
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