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About us

Horse & Heart

Horse & Heart was born in 2010 as a one-person-venture.

Offering Holistic Horsemanship training  for people and their horses, it aimed to bring more understanding of equine psychology and higher standards of horsemanship in all aspects of equestrian – or horse-related activities.

Horses come to us for training for various skills from riding to draft work, equine  therapy or remedial behaviour training.

People follow the programme to help improve their skills in all equestrian pursuits, whether hacking, jumping, dressage or working in harness.


Holistic Horsemanship is also an invaluable path for self-development, social rehabilitation and healing.

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Our Values

And Code of Best Practice

Whether regarding people, horses, or the land, we work to a code of best practice and our core values are present on the Horse & Heart site as well as in our courses and teachings.

  • Safety

  • Authenticity

  • Responsibility

  • Inclusion

  • Respect and Openness – across species

  • Positive Learning

  • A path of Resilience

  • A path of Excellence


Natural Ways

The Herd

Our horses live outdoors and barefoot. They graze and browse in fields and hedges and drink from natural water. 

In the Winter they grow thick coats to protect them from the weather and they are free to choose to shelter when they need to.

Our horses live as a herd and they freely form the bonds and live the social roles of natural horses.

When our land is not enough to provide them with what they need we supplement them with meadow hay and natural feed.

We use natural remedies as health support and  prioritise holistic healing practices.

The language we use and teach to interact with them, using our body and energy, aims to be the closest possible to their own.


One Woman's Journey

I grew up in a mining town in the North of France where I attended the local riding club and an international school. 

I discovered the concepts of "learning through play" and Child development at 16 years old while training as an activity instructor for children and teenagers. I then completed the French BAFA qualification in 1998, with the feeling that school should be run in that way too!

I incorporated kinetic learning and play as a teaching approach into the lessons I taught as a private school tutor, and, later, as a language teacher for both children and adults.

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