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Horse & Heart – Holistic Horsemanship –

Whisperkid'z & Mini Whispers Clubs

Horsemanship Classes for Children


Horse Whispering classes to discover real pony language.

A unique opportunity for children to discover the techniques of Master Horse Whisperers through an age-adapted programme.

A natural approach to horses and a high level of competence – learnt  through play.

The teaching style is positive and encouragement-powered, following the natural rhythms of the children and horses, fun with no pressure and all-inclusive

Holistic Horsemanship develops personal skills such as self-confidence and expression, conscious communication, team building and cooperation, positive leadership, resilience and empathy, emotional intelligence, and motor skills.

Sessions are offered daily for 5 days, for a small group of 6 children to ensure maximum participation of all children.


Lessons take place in the Horse & Heart herd. All activities are groundwork only (no riding).

Build confidence and safety around horses, play at Liberty, teach your pony new skills and how to overcome fear, learn how to be gentle like the true Masters – and much, much more...

An experience and a bond with horses that will last forever.

Whisperkid'z  – Children 9 to 13 years old

  • 2-hour sessions for 5 days

  • With the Horse & Heart herd

  • 1 parent per group to stay for each session (rota basis)

Lessons cover:

- Confidence & Safety around horses

- Applied Equine language and behaviour

- Herd connection in mutual trust and respect

- Liberty play

- Communication through lightest touch and through energy

- Teaching the horse new tricks

- How to overcome fear

- ... And much more!


Mini Whispers – Children 6 to 8 years old

  • 1-hour sessions for 5 days

  • With the Horse & Heart herd

  • 1 parent per child must stay during sessions (to take part or watch)

Lessons cover:

- A very gentle introduction to connecting with a pony

- Confidence & Safety around horses

- Grooming & bonding

- Pony Language – saying hello and playing!

- Liberty play

- Learning mutual trust and respect

- How to look after each other

- How to overcome fear

- ... And much more!

No previous experience is required to join the classes.

This is the perfect place to discover horses or overcome a fear of horses!

Children who already have an equestrian background are welcome of course, they simply need to be aware that they will learn again from the start and that some of their old habits and beliefs won't apply – this is something new and different.



« This is the best day of my whole week! I wish I could come every day. » Child 

« I talked to a horse! I talked to a horse and she understood me, and we played together! » Child

« Is this really the same child I dropped off with you? I can't believe how she is shining. » Parent

« I am watching my niece blossom through this with wonder. It is incredible what horses can reach that we can't. » Auntie

« What you are teaching them is much more than just Horse Whispering... It's how to be and love to be themselves. » Parent

« The boys always come home empowered and filled with joy, and they teach us new things about us, too! » Parent

« This has done my son so much good. He is so much happier and more settled in himself. » Parent

« Oh I wish I'd learnt all those things as a child like my daughter is doing! It would have transformed my life with horses. »  Parent


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We are looking for Funding to make this programme FREE for all.

Can you help?   Be in touch!

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