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Horse & Heart – Holistic Horsemanship –

Theme Courses & Consultations

for adults and children

Theme Courses are offered upon request for the purpose of personal growth, recovery, social skills, or community building: they focus on a particular theme in more depth and can be taken as a group or as a family who wish to work on that theme together.

The activities offered in these courses draw from a variety of self-development, meditation, healing and connection techniques from different parts of the world, such as Mindfulness, Oriental Meditation and breathing techniques, Western psychology / Counselling & Neuroscience, Native American community skills – and many others, woven into the Holistic Horsemanship skills, with the horses as the teachers.

Learn the wisdom of horses on a journey tailored to your own needs, with the focus of your choice:

Confidence – Resilience – Empowerment – Play & Creativity – Recovery from Trauma – Emotional Intelligence – Empathy – True Connection – Positive Relationships – Positive Leadership.

These courses can be taken as stand alone according to your personal or group's plan. You can also choose to follow set themes in any order. These courses are not subject to levels or assessments.


Theme courses are entirely tailored to your own rhythm and needs, and there is no pressure to achieve anything, only gentle and  playful exploring. They offer a unique and safe space to discover oneself, to learn how to become a stronger person in a positive way, and to create lasting and authentic bonds with each other.  Among the horses there is no judgement, only truth and love.

3-Day courses are an introduction to a theme or "taster", or  choose a 5-Day course for an in-depth experience.

Groups are kept small to ensure the best level of personal attention, quality of teaching, and group dynamics.

Maximum numbers: 

Group of Adults or Families – 8

Group of Children – 6

  • Courses of 3 to 5 days

  • For your own group or family group  

  • With the Horse & Heart herd

  • Liberty & Ground Play only (no riding)

  • Suitable for private groups or organisations

  • Suitable for all ages*

  • * (children of similar age within a group)

Learning within a group has shown to be the most effective, rewarding, and empowering way of approaching a journey of personal growth or recovery through Holistic Horsemanship.

Although it may seem daunting to expose oneself to others in this process, in reality everyone is in the same boat, and the experience of shared struggle and joy, tears and laughter, compassion and support towards and from other participants, and the opportunity to learn with and from one another is a key part of the success of this journey.

We therefore recommend the group experience wherever possible.

However, if this is not desirable for whatever reason, it is also possible to book private consultations for individuals or couples.

These sessions last between 1 hour and 1.5 hour depending on the need, and, just like the courses, are tailored to your own project of learning and to your own path of personal growth. 



« I never knew that horses held such wisdom, and that they had so much to teach us about being simply human. »

« The horses reached us where people couldn't – they looked straight into our hearts and enabled us to see that, too. »

« The boys came home empowered, both excited and peaceful at the same time – and they taught us new things about relationships that have been very valuable to the rest of the family too! »

« I feel so much gratitude for that simple and yet deep way in which the horse gentled me into coming into myself, with so much kindness – with no compromise and yet no judgement. »

« I have found my worth in the world, through a horse's eye. »

« This course was a massive confidence booster – it got me out of my shyness and hesitation, and taught me to step into my own power – with fun! »

« Seeing that light in my daughter's eyes was the most beautiful present – I hadn't seen it for years. »

« I have finally found my place in the world. I feel more confident in my choices and in my behaviour. »

« I thought we had lost that connection with each other, but it was right there... and we have now found it again! »

« The horses taught us, our family, how to listen to each other better, and how to work as a team. It is amazing what we have achieved. »

« I have learnt to be kinder to myself and to others, just like the horses are. »

« This is the truth... straight from the horse's mouth. The truth of who we are, in ourselves and together. And it is BEAUTIFUL. »


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