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Horse & Heart – Holistic Horsemanship –

Vet & Hoof Care – Natural Horse Handling

for Equine Care Professionals & Horse owners


Learn how to prepare your horse for handling and use positive communication for a calm and helpful response during daily care and for specialised treatment. Safety, Calm & Efficiency!

Course Aims:

  • Understanding equine psychology around touch and handling: safety & communication

  • Learning how to use energy and body language to convey a calming, non threatening signal to the horse

  • Using horse language to request specific and precise movement or stillness through partnership Investing in care time:

  • Learning how to make every moment count in the building of partnership, for even quicker results next time.


This course can be tailored to suit your needs and will or can cover:

- Advanced equine communication for basic handling

- Communication for hoof care – preparation for the trimmer / farrier

- Communiction for Vet care – preparation for needles, eye care, taking temperature and standard examination

- Communication for dental care

- Any specific requests

The Natural Horse Handling course is a must-do for all horse owners, whether for daily care or as preparation for specialised treatments. It is also invaluable to all equine care professionals – vets, trimmers, farriers, dentists, osteopaths or other – giving you simple, effective tools of natural equine communication to make you safer and more effective in treating clients' horses.


This specialist's course is part of the full curriculum in Holistic Horsemanship (L4) but can also be offered as a stand alone. 

  • 3 to 5 day course

  • For your own group – 3 to 8 participants

  • With the Horse & Heart herd

  • Suitable 16+

  • Further training available, possible with your own horses.



« So simple, so efficient, so natural! » Sophie

« Oh my goodness, the time and the battles wasted before I learnt this. What was the point! When you can just ask a horse and he'll do it for you. » Jeff

« This is incredible – they actually understand, and want to be helpful! Even when it's uncomfortable. Amazing! » Ali

« This is pretty amazing, even the "good" horses I treat without sedation are never as well behaved and helpful as these – and that's with a head collar on, too! »

Harriet, our new equine dental vet  😊

« I feel so much safer and calmer around horses now – I used to worry about what might happen, having routinely handled horses who fight you back – and now I just know it's going to be ok. I know how to explain things to the horse so that they want to help. » Clare

« We had this wild Dartmoor who had an eye injury, and he wouldn't let anyone near him. It's incredible how within just a few short sessions he totally accepted to have his eye treated. I couldn't believe it! » Maria

« This is so fundamental... It should be compulsory for everyone who has horses or works with them. Or with any animal! » Caroline

« What a relief and bliss to work with horses who have been well prepared and behave as partners. » Frank

« I always used to think that my horse was being deliberately unhelpful. I can't believe I was missing such simple keys to turn the situation around! » Peter

« I thought that fear was irremediable – if the horse was afraid, that was that. But you can actually use their language to let them know they're safe, and they understand it! »  Mark

« What a precious course that was, this is a toolkit I will be using for the rest of my life. » Sarah


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