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Horse Play

Horsemanship Classes


Discover a holistic approach to equine education, for a deeper, finer connection with horses and true communication.

Whether you are a beginner, simply curious about a natural approach to horses, or an accomplished equestrian – this course will give you an incomparable set of tools to engage with a horse – from safety to play, to high level training, whatever your goal with horses.

Sessions follow the Levels Curriculum and include Liberty & Groundwork, Theory in scientific Equine Ethology, and those who wish can transfer their skills to riding or harness work too.

These classes are of professional standard in Holistic Horsemanship, Levels certificates are offered to those who wish.

As a holistic approach the classes also include human psychology and self-development practices and are a wonderful space for self understanding and personal growth with the help of horses.


  • Alternate Fridays during term time

  • This course is with the Horse & Heart herd, although it is possible for more advanced students to bring their own horses.

  • Suitable 16+

You can join the class either as:

a hands on participant – practice the skills with the Horse & Heart herd.

Or as

a spectator – take part in all Theory & Simulation lessons and watch the hands-on participants during practical time.



« I feel truly honoured to be able to spend time with you and your gorgeous horses and see your special relationship in action. It really makes you wonder why any other way with horses exists at all. »

« Coming here is like a complete headstand... a turnaround from old beliefs to meet what is truer, deeper.  »

« It was amazing this feeling of simply being wih the horses... I guess the next step is to learn to simply be – anytime, anywhere. »

« Horse Play is my little haven of peace. »

« I have spent all my childhood and young adulthood with horses – and I have learnt SO MUCH here just today! »

« It feels like a miracle to realise that horses want to be and play with us, and do the things we ask them to! Liberty has been a revelation – you don't need force, just communication. They love it as much as we do. »

« What I have learnt here is to identify my needs and how to speak up for myself clearly – and as a result I trust that things will be ok. »

« It's like, where else would you want to be on a Friday? What else is worth going to? »

« I am simply astonished by the experience you offer, thank you so much. »

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