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Horse & Heart – Holistic Horsemanship –

Family Day

A special day out with the family, learning from the horses, together.

Through family-friendly games and play with the horses, this is a unique opportunity to connect with horses in an authentic and natural way.  Let them welcome you into the herd and  teach you, in their language, about true tribe, positive communication and cooperation skills.


This is a wonderful day of fun and bonding that will leave a smile on all faces.

  • For family & extended family groups 

  • 3 to 8 people

  • 1/2 Day or Full Day

  • With the Horse & Heart herd 

  • Suitable all ages including babies



« What a day! That was the best family time we've ever had! »

« That was so much fun! I never expected to learn so much, and all through playing together! »

« It was so enjoyable and peaceful at the same time, like gentle happiness that the horses shared with us. »

« I can't believe how generous the horses were, and how much they seemed to enjoy being with us too! It's like we became part of their family, and they became a part of us – and we all loved it. »

« Such an amazing thing how they can connect all of us, regardless of age. We all felt like one tribe, together, and it felt completely natural. »

« What an amazing way of introducing children to horses... Completely natural, respectful, honouring. Thank you, thank you so much! It was such a privilege to be initiated in this way. The horses will always be in our hearts now. »

« It was wonderful... Magic, fun, and soothing all in one go. »

« Thank you horses for your teaching that family time can be so simple and so joyful. »

« We will come back again!! »

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