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Animal Communication

for all species

Animal Communication is the art of communicating with animals, plants or any living form through an exchange of energy.


Long regarded as a mystical practice, "telepathy" is now recognised to be the most natural language of all species: an innate ability shared by all that lives to connect and communicate with one another from heart to heart.

Marie is a trained and experienced Animal Communicator and instructor.

Reiki & Shamanic Healing

A marriage of 2 natural forms of healing practiced in ancient civilisations:

Reiki comes from Japan and is passed on through the attunement of the practitioner to a universal healing energy, while shamanic practices involve the aid of spiritual guides.

Marie is a L2 Reiki practitioner and works with Native American traditions of spiritual healing, marrying both into a unique healing art.

Sessions can be given in person or remotely, to people or animals of any age or background, or to the land, or a situation.

A healing session can act on the emotional, mental and spiritual planes. Its purpose is to re-harmonise one's flow of energy towards better health and clarity.

Holistic Horsemanship

The Language of Horses

More widely known as "Horse Whispering", Holistic Horsemanship marries the sciences of ethology and behaviourism, the skills of master horsemen/women and the invisible subtle exchanges that form the equine language and social bonds.

A practice that can be applied to achieve true partnership and mastery with a horse in all equestrian activities: from groundwork to Liberty, riding in all disciplines and work in harness – or as an equine care professional.

Holistic Horsemanship is also a journey of self-development in body, heart and spirit that leads to better emotional and social intelligence as well as to more balance, confidence and resourcefulness.


among the horses

Storytelling is a practice used in human communities since the beginning of times to serve many purposes:

the sharing of news, education, initiation, healing and community building.

A conscious Storyteller is an artist, a teacher and a healer, giving life for her or his community to the bonds that herds of horses share naturally in their own whispers.

In inviting Storytelling into the heart of the herd and in the heart of Nature, we connect with our own human nature in an ancient and privileged way.

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