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Volunteering  / Working Students

Due to Covid-19 we ask all our volunteers to observe respectful vigilance in support of public health and apply rules of social distancing and hand sanitising at regular intervals. All work & sessions take place outdoors and are fully compliant with Government guidelines. Any extra measures of protection are welcome, and please do let us know if you have any specific concerns and we will do our best to accommodate them. 

Join the team!

Roll up your sleeves and feel your heart sing as you muck in

and join the Horse & Heart Community.



There is always a lot to do on the farm, and varied tasks for all kinds of tastes and skills, too. Here are some of the fields in which you can lend a hand –just take your pick:

  • Horse Care Team

  • Help on the land – maintenance, fencing, gardening etc.

  • Photography & Video

  • Events Organisation

  • IT Assistance & Online Marketing

  • Networking & Advertising

  • Fundraising & networking for partnerships

  • Eco building / Natural land designs

Regular Volunteers

If you are local or able to pop over regularly, the best way to join the Horse &Heart team and get the most out of the experience is to sign up for a fixed, regular volunteering slot. This way you get to know the herd and fit in with the flow of the team. It also allows you to be autonomous in your tasks, to see the progress of your work and to bring your own creative ideas, too! 


Whether you'd like to come every Tuesday for a day out, or every day from 9 to 12 – or whatever your regular time is – there is always a job that will work for you!

Committed volunteers who work autonomously and efficiently on a regular basis are punctually offered free attendance to Horse & Heart workshops.

At the moment we are particularly looking for volunteers to take on some days of the week for:

- Horse care (daily slots 9 -12 am and 3 - 6 pm  –  Feeding, mucking out, harvesting plants, grooming, tack care etc)

- Land care jobs (weeding, fencing etc – daily work for any amount of time)

Pop in Volunteers

Spontaneous help is also very welcome, so please be in touch if you've suddenly got the "outdoors & pony itch" and would like to muck in of a few hours, a day, or a week or two!

Volunteer Shout Outs

We occasionally shout out for help to man or help organise specific events. Sign up below to be on our "Volunteers Shout Out" list.

Skill Share

If your area of expertise is one that we are looking for, we'd be happy to swap it for ours!

We'd love your help if you are skilled in one of those fields: 


- Garden & trees care

- Wood splitting / chainsawing.

- Eco building of outbuildings (sheds) and house.

- Creating a "Living Machine" water treatment plant.

- Landscaping / Natural land designs (Permaculture etc)

- Fundraising.

Working Students – Residential volunteering

(2 months +)


Welcome to the Horse & Heart family!

The Working Student programme is a long-term residential volunteering programme that enables you to get tuition in exchange for volunteer work.
You will be looking after and working with the Horse & Heart herd, get your hands dirty with mucking out and farm work – and enjoy music and storytelling around the fire in down time.

This programme is open to anyone who is 18+ and is for a duration of a minimum of 2 months (after a trial period of 10 days).

(If you are from outside the UK and Ireland, rules have changed for volunteering in the UK. Please bear with us as we look into how to adapt to this situation. UK and Irish citizens can still join the working student programme as before, without a visa).

The deal:

- 6 hours work / day (with 1 day off / week). This is an estimate as it can sometimes be less, or more depending on where the needs are.
- Tuition in Holistic Horsemanship & Equine / land Husbandry
- Your own education / training project to work on with a horse.
- Veg box & staple food every week.
- Camping in your own camper with access to toilet onsite.
- Minimum 2 months stay (after 10-day trial period).



The Working Student profile:

A responsible “in charge”  and "can do" attitude is what we're looking for – and a resilience to the demands of farm jobs.


The clue is in the name: Working Students are sometimes working, sometimes students. We take our side of the deal very seriously and offer the best possible tuition, an in-depth training in land & horse care, and a wealth of opportunities to learn and grow from. ⭐️

We expect the same in return: a high quality, responsible working attitude when it's time to work. 👍

Working students must be financially independent and have sufficient money to cater for their own needs (for example travelling, clothing & other equipment, basic shopping, extra food etc).

We're working on offering premises to stay in but at the moment working students must provide their own quarters – a self-contained campervan is ideal!

Right now, our new farm is in its early stages of setup and the help we need is precisely – in setting up 😊 We need people who are independent, with a flexible and enthusiastic mindset, who come with a desire to support and who are not afraid of sweat and toil. People who can take initiative, who understand the chaos and uncertainties of beginnings and who are prepared to take part in creating what they would like to experience!

We need as many hands and hearts on deck as possible to help us build structure(s)– both literally and figuratively, and minds who bring ideas to the creative process.

So if you're a "Pioneer", join us now in creating something amazing! The place will grow from what every soul brings to it.  💜

- The best plan is probably to come with a friend or 2, so that you are your own little team for motivation and social time.

Everyone who shares the space and the work becomes a part of the family and we listen to each other's journeys and needs. Working students have a voice to create a space that works for them too, and they are not only welcome but expected to help us make their experience the best possible one. Every day we learn from each other and our differences bring more richness to what we are building  together– Horse & Heart is constantly growing from everyone who puts their heart in it. 🌻

Please note: there is no Wifi on the farm and mobile signal is sporadic. The Horse & Heart lifestyle is one of reconnection to essentials and to natural ways.

The farm is a strictly no-smoking and alcohol / drug free site.



Do you think that's for you?

Working Students
Skill Share
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