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Building Loving Communities

Welcome to the Magic of Storytelling 


At Horse & Heart, we believe in the ancient tradition of Storytelling as an Art to bring empowerment, resilience, Healing and bonding to communities. Storytelling is a door into our own hearts, and when spoken truly, it unlocks all that is afraid and painful and gives it wings to soar and shine.

Storytelling speaks to all hearts, no matter our age. It helps us learn that we are not alone. It helps us see that we are all equal, and all one. It gives us the power to reach out to each other and share.

Horses know very well the invisible bonds that hold a herd together and make every individual shine. Through sotries shared amongst horses, we learn some of the ancient wisdom of all tribes.

Marie trained as a conscious Storyteller at the International School of Storytelling in Sussex. She has blended her Storytelling practice with her own study of Mindfulness and Resilient Community building through horses for a special touch of Magic.

Join the Story Circle

Storytelling events are organised periodically on our land, with Marie and other experienced guest Storytellers from near or far.

Events may be open to adults and /or children, see the description for each one.

You can also book your own event for some Story time among the horses of Horse & Heart, or at your own location.

Got your own herd, or a flock of other animals? I tell stories to connect with all animal wisdom – be in touch to organise your event!

to be kept posted on upcoming events


If you are a Storyteller and would like to take part in our events please sign up to:


« Thank you for an evening of magic and enchantment... Truly special! » Liz

« This was such a nourishing time with stories, and with the horses! Not just for children, but for adults, too. » Graham

« Wow... and wow... and wow!!! » Lucy

« We should do this every day! So deeply connecting and full of wonders. » Lisa

« Thank you so much! What a treat. Full of yumminess and dreams – and such quality storytelling! » Becky

« It was like reconnecting to our true selves... in ourselves, and together. » Alan

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