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Be a Sponsor


Sponsor a Horse

The beautiful work that we do is carried out by our amazing team of horses: Merlin, Taku and Kitty are the teachers of Horse & Heart.


They need adequate feed, hygiene & health care: and providing them with the best possible care without our students having to pay the price is a difficult balance to maintain. 

You can help us by sponsoring a horse for a week, a month, or a year – or even a lifetime!

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Sponsor a Student

We do our best to keep our prices as low as we can manage, but there are still a lot of people out there from more vulnerable backgrounds or having suffered hardship who would benefit hugely from Horse & Heart activities – but cannot afford to.

Student sponsorships enable us to make an often life-changing gift to someone who needs it – thanks to you.

5-Session Course

1-Day Workshop Entry


Sponsor an Event

We run educational events for schools, institutions,  social & rehabilitation projects or for the community to enjoy.

Whether they are about learning empathy or resilience, social skills, employability, building community or raising awareness around safety - there is always a gift from the horses to help us grow into better people.

Fund an event to make it accessible to all!

Training Course – 1 day

Community Event – 1 day

Clearing the land

Crowdfunding Campaign

Our Land Rehabilitation Challenge

Please help us meet the cost of making our drinking water clean again and of cleansing our land from pollution!

Read the full sory of a journey back to health and balance for the herd, myself and our beautiful farm. 

We need your help!

Horse & Heart is a social venture created for educational & healing purposes and operating with a Not-for-Profit ethos:

all profits are  invested back into the social & educational projects we live for. Through Holistic Horsemanship we offer high quality training for employability, also developing social skills, community building, rehabilitation and resilience.

Our goal is to offer education and healing to anyone who needs it, reaching out especially to those in difficulty.

Our running costs are high however, especially since we were met with the challenge of rehabilitating our land and keeping the horses healthy – so and it can be difficult to cover our costs while keeping our prices affordable to all. 

Donations enable us to stay true to our dream of equality and reach out to everyone who needs it.


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