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Social Support Projects

Horse & Heart is a social enterprise that was created to offer training opportunities to all,

and to also support people who might be feeling more vulnerable or facing challenging times.

Here are some social support projects we are involved in!

Our partnership with
the Devon Recovery Learning Community

Screen Shot 2021-09-10 at 16.07.23.png

The DRLC, an NHS Partnership Trust organisation, offers FREE COURSES focused on mental health and on bringing tools & skills for well-being and recovery. They are open to participants aged 18+ who have lived experience of journeying with mental health – whether personal, family, friends or as a professional –everyone is welcome.


The Horse & Heart / DRLC series is ongoing with Animal Communication, Holistic Horsemanship, Storytelling, a Singing Group – and more!

We are very excited by our partnership and by this amazing opportunity to reach out to all hearts without limits!

These courses do book up quickly so best

book your place now!

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