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Horse & Heart is about you

it is about learning Resilience, Empowerment and Affirmation,

with the help of horses.

Shamanic Reiki Healing sessions and Animal Communication

consultations are available in person or remote,

for a gentle and deeper path to wellbeing and understanding.

Horse & Heart also offers Community courses & events 

for people of all ages and backgrounds, 

With horses as teachers, immersed in Nature

It is a place where everyone is welcome just as you are,

offering quality training and experiences in Holistic Horsemanship –

Learning the language of horses to become a happier human.

With student-lead, kinetic and alternative learning techniques,

a gentle approach focusing on wellbeing and empowerement,

in a nurturing, inclusive and fun environment.

Welcome to a beautiful journey to heart and soul ☀️

FREE COURSES in partnership with
the Devon Recovery Learning Community!

Screen Shot 2021-09-10 at 16.07.23.png

The DRLC, an NHS Partnership Trust organisation, offers FREE COURSES focused on mental health and on bringing tools & skills for wellbeing and recovery. They are open to participants aged 18+ who have lived experience of journeying with mental health – whether personal, family, friends or as a professional –everyone is welcome.


The Horse & Heart / DRLC series is ongoing with Animal Communication, Holistic Horsemanship, Storytelling, a Singing Group – and more!

We are very excited by our partnership and by this amazing opportunity to reach out to all hearts without limits!

These courses do book up quickly so best

book your place now!

Home Study – Touching their Hearts

Rabbit Love

A unique home study course in Animal connection and Communication.

A gentle programme of observation, meditation and connection leading to a true heart bond with an animal or a plant, and to Intuitive Communication.

Duration 4 or 6 weeks. Available to anyone 13+


Premium Compost
for sale!

From our horses' daily offerings

We simply ask for a donation of 

~ £2 per 25kg bag 

(or estimate your trailer's fill)

Bring your own bags / shovel

All proceeds to our Land Rehabilitation Fundraiser!

- Well rotted

- C/N balanced. Mixed with straw and organic hay.

- No chemicals.

We treat our horses naturally with homeopathy and herbal wormers. Rare quality!

We've had amazing feedback from allotment enthusiasts!

Clearing the land

Crowdfunding Campaign

Our Land Rehabilitation Challenge

Please help us meet the cost of making our drinking water clean again and of cleansing our land from pollution!

Read the full sory of a journey back to health and balance for the herd, myself and our beautiful farm. 

We need your help!

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