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Horse Wise

Devon Recovery Learning Community

The wisdom of resilience, emotional understanding,  true connection, and social confidence – straight from the horse's mouth.


Where authentic horsemanship meets recovery and empowerement, a heart-lifting course in support of mental health and wellbeing, offered in partnership with the Devon Recovery Learning Community.

  • Courses of 5 weekly classes, between March and October.

  • With the Horse & Heart herd

  • Suitable 18+


« It's been fabulous, amazing, empowering, and deeply moving. »

« This course has enabled me to find PEACE despite the chaos and worries of my life. »

« Fantastic course... I would recommend it to anyone! »

« This has completely changed my belief in myself. I now believe in myself more when taking up space in the world. »

« This is the one place where I can come and just be ME, knowing that I will be received and welcome with all that I am, without anything being taken away from me. »

« I'm standing in a herd of horses, able to speak a language that they understand, and they listen to me, and I'm no longer afraid of them – this is AMAZING!! »

« Humour - you make a serious experience fun with lots of laughter. Is this your super power? »

« The horses have taught me to live in the moment and to let go of fear from the past and of fear of the future. Just to be – and enjoynow. »

« This course has enabled me to feel that I have a right to my own freedom and happiness. »

« What I have learnt... is to greet the world with more compassion. »

« I now feel courage to be in the world. »

« This course has taught me FREEDOM. Doing things that are good for my soul and listening to my heart's needs when I wouldn't have done that before »

« What I have learnt here has literally opened up a new path of successful relationships for me. »

« I have learnt to understand my needs and am much better at looking after myself. It has given me a key to being with others whom I normally avoided, and be clear about my boundaries. »

« I feel empowered. Like I've come home to myself. Like I belong. »


« The work we do here is rippling out much further and beyond the people who come here. It's like seeds sown in the world. »

« Thank you for your generosity in sharing this and so passionately encouraging everyone to share in each other. »

« People should ignore all the above, try it for themselves and ask their souls what just happened. »


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