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Coming Home

A Journey to the Hearts of Horses

A deep journey of self-discovery, spiritual connection and Holistic Horsemanship including  Animal Communication, Shamanic connection & Healing.


Explore who you truly are in total welcoming, learn how to reconnect to your own healing power, and meet the hearts of horses.


Through the fundamental elements of Earth, Water, Air & Fire, leading to intuitive communication with horses, this course is a pathway to your true Spirit and own Healing power. 

A step by step journey to your own heart and to the hearts of horses, listening to their wisdom to find your true place on this Earth – your journey home.

Activities include horsemanship,  meditation, land art,  journeying and healing practices.

  • 6 whole day workshops spread over the year, from March to October.

  • This course is with the Horse & Heart herd.

  • Suitable 16+


« I have finally found my place in the world. I feel more confident in my choices and in my behaviour. »

« I feel like my heart's just had a bath – it feels all warm and clean!. »

« It's deeply life changing, because it takes actually genuinely connecting with oneself. And it felt like the most natural thing in the world once I'd got it! »

« I feel like someone's pressed Ctrl + Alt + Del and reset me. It feels amazing. I have a sense of feeling safe in being me now. »

« I feel safer in the world, much more aware of mine and other people's needs. It's been amazing. »

« It was a big wondrous moment – when the horse started to follow me. »

« I felt myself wanting to come back here at weekends, waiting for the right date! »

« I feel filled with gratitude. All the threads are finally coming together. »

« I feel like I have found Home inside me. »

« It's been so wonderful. I feel so much more comfortable in myself, knowing who I am. »

« It's a whole new world, a whole new language, and a whole new way of being. »

« This is the way... This is IT!  It is how things should be. Always. »


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