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Animal  Communication

For all Species

What is Animal Communication?


Animal Communication is the art of communicating with animals, plants or any living form through an exchange of energy.


Long regarded as a mystical practice, "telepathy" is now recognised to be the most natural language of all species: an innate ability shared by all that lives to connect and communicate with one another from heart to heart.

Animal Communication can be applied to all species, whether domesticated or wild.

How does it work?


Animal Communication works through tuning into an animal's energy, or vibration.

It is the natural, universal language of all living forms. Animals use it all the time to communicate and to pick up information from their environment, but it is possible to communicate with plants or any living form in that way too.

Any message can be exchanged: emotions, thoughts, feelings, physical sensations, spiritual etc. The communicator can hear, see, feel or experience the messages.

Animal Communication can be done in person or remotely.

Animal Communication is an innate ability to all living creatures: everyone can do it although it requires work and practice to gain clarity and accuracy.

Marie is a trained and experienced Animal Communicator and instructor, with years of experience in communicating with many species of animals and other living kingdoms.


During an Animal Communication consultation, I act as the messenger between you and your animal to ask them questions, pass on messages to them or to get to know them better – asking them about their experience or point of view in a given situation for example.

Animal Communication can help resolve an issue with your animal or understand a behaviour.

Consultations can take place in person or remote.

What to expect

You will be asked for a list of questions / messages you would like to be passed on to your animal. 

When I connect to your animal, I always ask for permission to talk to them and hold a loving and neutral space in my interaction with them. The connection is very much like a "skype call" – simply a conversation between myself and your animal. Animal Communication is not aimed at manipulating or influencing in any way: it is only for listening with Love.

I then translate their answer and messages back to you. These can be simply practical, or a sharing of emotions and opinions, sometimes they offer spiritual insights too. 

When the consultation is in person I simply sit at a respectful distance from your animal and silently tune in and make notes. For a remote consultation I ask you for a photo of your animal and send you the feedback by email.



We offer Courses from beginners to advanced level for adults or children to learn the art of Animal Communication.

Everyone can learn Animal Communication, and the younger, the easier. The ability to tune into other living beings is an innate ability to all creatures, including humans. Although animals (and other kingdoms) use it naturally by default, most people have forgotten this subtle and quiet way of connecting in the loud talk and hustle and bustle of modern society. But it only takes practice and awareness to re-activate it, by learning how to listen through our hearts again.

Organise your own group and Get a 50% discount!

I also offer a Distance Learning Course to study at home, in your own time and with the animal or plant of your choice.

What to expect

Courses take place either at your location or at Horse & Heart, with guest animal teachers of any species.

The atmosphere is relaxed and the rhythm gentle, as we take our time to go through every step slowly and give everyone the chance to keep up.

While standard Animal Communication courses are traditionally designed as short tasters, targetting people with "natural" abilities, our courses aim at 100% success rate. So far, this has always been achieved!


The 3-day setup for adults ensures an in-depth experience and a solid  foundation of skills to build on.

During a course, you will learn to communicate with an animal both face to face and remotely through a picture. We will work with animals present on site (which may be of any species), and with the pictures participants will have brought of their own pets. You will learn thorough grounding and preparation exercises to ensure that you can repeat the experience at home and practice with your own animal too. 


My goal is that everyone present achieves an experience of intuitive connection before the end of the course, and leaves with solid tools to carry on practicing at home. This is achieved through a thorough step-by-step approach focusing on proper grounding and preparation exercises, taking the time to master each step before moving on, as well as varied tools to suit different people's natural ways of connecting. The method of Animal Communication is the same for all species and students are therefore able to apply what they have learnt to all their pets without distinction.

Children's ability to tune into subtle connection is still fresh and barely under the surface – it hasn't been tampered with by the pressure of modern society as much yet. Their greater learning capacity balanced with different concentration skills (requiring shorter sessions and more breaks) mean that they achieve results much faster, therefore 1-Day workshops are specifically well suited for younger people.


What sort of questions can one ask in Animal Communication?

Any questions at all, as long as they are in a spirit of respect for and interest in the animal themselves. For example, one can ask about the animal's favourite food, activities or walks, what makes them happy, or if there is anything they are missing. One can ask how they are feeling, or their point of view on a situation. Questions can be of a practical nature, or emotional or even spiritual, and can be light or deep. What you will receive is simply and truly your animal's take on them – and you may be surprised! You can also use Animal Communication to express – respectfully – your feelings, interests, and point of view to your animal, so that they may know you and understand you better. Most of all Animal Communication is a space of open Love and a wonderful way of expressing to an animal how much we love them and gratitude for what they bring to our life.

What are Animal Communication messages like?

Messages exchanged through Animal Communication are "raw" information or energy which are then translated by our brain into signals we can recognise, and this happens "within" or body. The messages can therefore present themselves as images, sensations (like warmth or smells or hunger for example), emotions, or even a sense for something or a "knowing". Sometimes they may come as words which we hear spoken in our mind's ear: not because the animal used words but because our brain translates the raw information into the closest thing we know for it. The art of Animal Communication is to distinguish messages that come from the outside to those that we create ourselves (such as our own thoughts or imagination). With practice, this becomes clearer and clearer, much like learning to recognise different people's voices with our eyes closed. Most people will have a naturally easier pathway of translation – for example, you will hear communicators tell you that they always receive images or tingling sensations etc. However, the more pathways we open for communication, the richer and more accurate our communication will be, and it is good to hone our skills and develop the ones that may come less easily too – something you will learn to do if you attend our courses.

Can I use Animal Communication to train my animal?

Animal Communication will help you understand your animal's point of view, and it can also help them understand yours. In that sense, yes, it can be very beneficial as part of an enlightened training programme or as a respectful approach to problem solving. We use it as part of the training of students in Holistic Horsemanship, as a tool for building a true relationship with horses. Animal Communication cannot, however, manipulate an animal or make them do something. It is only a genuine communication tool. In other words, there is no way of forcing, but there is no harm in asking  😊


Is Animal Communication the same as behaviour & body language?


No, Animal Communication refers to the energy exchange that takes place on a subtle, invisible level. It is much more akin to the notion of "telepathy", although it isn't about "reading minds" but about learning to decipher vibrational messages. Where behaviour and body language are visual signs that are common within one species, Animal Communication is universal to all living beings (not just animals) and can be applied to all species.


Can Animal Communication determine a health issue?


Animal Communication can help access information about health from a different perspective to an examination: by asking the animal how they feel, and by looking at energy around them. However, it may or may not pick up on all that is going on, nor is it a diagnosis. 

Animal Communication combines well with Energy Healing, as these operate on the same vibrational planes.

Is Animal Communication an esotheric practice?


No, Animal Communication taps into signals which travel between living beings, although they cannot be seen. Scientific studies relating to understanding this process are in progress, meanwhile living beings all around the world have used this means of communication for millenia.  Much in the same way as we have used speech as a reliable form of communication without being able to see or understand sound waves for thousands of years – we didn't wait for Leonardo Da Vinci to officially "prove" their existence in the 16th century to trust that sound was real and speak to each other!

How can Animal Communication work remotely?

I can only share my experience on this. Unlike physical means of communication (speech or body anguage) when tuning into an animal energetically the connection takes place not through the physical senses but through a life force, the very existence of this animal wherever he/ she is. This is the same when tuning into any other creature through Animal Communication, or, indeed, when offering energy healing. My experience is that we – all living creatures and beings – are all connected deep down, on a level that exists before our physical manifestation, and it is that inner path that Animal Communication follows to connect with a particular being wherever they are.

Can a lost animal be found through Animal Communication?

As Animal Communication can take place remotely, it is possible to ask an animal about their whereabouts or the path they have taken to get there. However, the answer will be given from the animal's own perspective (for example, smells), and as they will give snippets of information that were relevant to them, it is not always easy to translate these into a physical location – especially when the animal is in constant motion, too. But it can help, and sometimes it leads to successfully finding the animal!

Is it possible to communicate with an animal who has passed away?

Yes, as strange as this may seem, it is possible. This is because Animal Communication takes place on an energy level, and the energy of a living being exists beyond the physical realm and has no time boundary.

Some animals will answer questions in relation to their experiences and preferences when they were alive. Others will show their current state of being – something beyond physical life.

It is possible to pass on messages, send love and healing, and ask questions to an animal who has passed away.

If plants use Animal Communication too, why is it called "Animal" Communication?

Animal Communication really should be called "Intuitive Communication" – as it is the most ancient form of exchange and communication shared by all living beings. All other forms of communication are species specific and require more common denominators: speech for humans requires a shared capacity of language (and even a common culture), body language requires a moveable body and an experience of emotions, chemical messages in plants require a carrier to transmit these, etc.

Intuitive Communication is the core connection between all of us, with no barrier of species, or state of being. It is an instant sharing of an experience, which allows even a human to experience an animal or a plant's perspective, beyond shared perception.

The reason it has become known as "Animal Communication" is simply because it is through animals that modern people have re-discovered this ancient skill. Our pets, often, are our first teachers, and also those who nudged us into realising that this level of exchange even exists. It is also easier for us to learn the skill from animals because their perspective differs from ours just enough to help us recognise the difference between our inner voice and theirs, but not so wildly (as a plant's does) that it is unrecognisable and often difficult to process at first.

But what we learn through animals is somehing universal. And once grounding and confidence are built, we have a language which belongs to all species. To animals, to plants, and, indeed, to Life itself, beyond what we often imagine.

How does Animal Communication relate to Goethean Science?

Goethean Science is a study structured in 4 modes as laid out by Goethe : Earth, Water, Air and Fire. Animal Communication relates to the 4th and final mode, the Fire mode: where one meets another bieng from Heart to Heart on an energy level, tuning in with conscious and specific intention.

Our Animal Communication courses are unique in offering a grounding and a depth beyond just one approach. They take you through each mode for mastery on every level. The Touching their Hearts Home Study programme is a beautiful way of exploring this journey in depth and in your own time and space, with  tools for success and a deep heart connection with your chosen animal or plant.

Can everyone really achieve Animal Communication? How come I don't hear my animal talking to me then?

Yes, everyone can do it. Animal Communication is not an exclusive "gift" – but rather one of the inherent gifts of being alive. We are all connected to all that is alive, and we have the innate ability to tune into all life and converse with it. It is one of the deepest, most primitive (in a "pure" way) elements of coming to life. In a natural lifestyle, we would have used this connection instinctively – as animals and plants and all living things do. That is why children find it easier to learn it, as they are still naturally open to communicating in that way.

Modern society hasn't taken this ability away from us, it has simply focused our attention elsewhere: on the loud, the visible, and the material. Animal Communication is quiet and subtle, and in reality you do hear your animal (and other voices) talking to you all the time. But your brain has simply learnt to filter it as "irrelevant"  before it reaches your consciousness, and you are not made aware of it.

Learning Animal Communication isn't about learning how to do it – you're already doing it – but about learning to recognise that it's there, recognise its voice amidst all the loud things inside our minds, and practicing to gain clarity and reliability.

It can take time to get there...

However, learning Animal Communication isn't a journey into something new, but rather a journey into reclaiming a most ancient birthright.



« What an amazing gift you have... you were spot on in everything, details you couldn't have known. » Di

« This communication tremendously improved my relationship with my horse – so many questions answered. I will never look at animals the same way again. » Steve

« It's hard to put into words just how moving this message was. You have picked up my cat perfectly – This is amazing work you are doing, on so many levels. » Joanna

« You gave me confidence in my intuition and skills, thank you! » Pascal

« Marie gives off a feeling of deep serenity and extensive teaching experience. I was deeply moved by the 3 days of the course! » Lotti

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