Natural Horsemanship UK / Horse Whispering Devon, Dartmoor

Horse & Heart Centre for Holistic Learning

Horse & Heart Centre is a place for horses to learn the way of people in a gentle way, based on free will and confidence-boosting, and for people of all ages and backgrounds to learn the path of horses… just in the same way.


Whether you long to spend some peaceful time with horses in true connection and mutual understanding, or whether you wish to develop your horsemanship skills on the ground or ridden, you are in the right place.


Holistic Horsemanship - The Whisperer's Approach

For groundwork, liberty, riding, logging / driving, self-development & healing, sustainability

Holistic Horsemanship is a form of heart & body centered communication based on the horses’ very own natural language. It can be used for anything one might like to do with a horse, from grooming to riding or horse logging – and improve connection, lightness and performance in any equestrian discipline. Or simply to watch them and understand what they do and say.


It can also be a therapeutic and/or self-development practice for the people as well as the horses involved, as when given the space horses will help us face our emotions and blockages and we do the same for them.


Holistic Horsemanship is a great tool in management and leadership too and is often used to train people into managerial positions at their place of work.


Working with a horse in true connection and partnership is a tangible skill in environmental awareness, for a way of life based on sustainability.

Workshops, Courses & Training,  Services – Devon & International

Horse & Heart offers “Horse Whispering” training for all, young and old, beginners or experienced.

Lessons can be taken in the H&H herd, or with your own horse.


Training packages include programmes to be taught in riding clubs and Holistic Horsemanship for equine professionals.

Horse training packages available as livery or at your home.


A distance learning course is available in Phenomenology / Animal Communication.



Marie also offers Animal Communication consultations and Reiki healing in person or remote.


Natural Livery

Holistic / Natural Horse Care & Education


Horse & Heart offers limited livery places amongst the resident herd .

Events Hosting

Horse & Heart is a haven of loving connection with Nature and animals that we love to share. Other events such as Storytelling, Nature Connection skills building etc take place on the land among the horses too. Have a look at the events calendar, and if you feel that you would like your event to be hosted by us do be in touch!


There is always much to do on the land and around the horses, and helping hands are much appreciated. Volunteers' days are organised for bigger projects and individual helpers come according to their availabilities too. This is a fantastic way to spend time with the horses, learn more about the care of natural horses, meet lovely people and pick up skills "by immersion". Volunteers' days are always relaxed and happy, there is room for all (even if just to make tea & cakes!) and all are welcome. Workshops or lessons are offered to volunteers in exchange for their help.

So come and enjoy some time with us, one way or another… It will be a joy to meet you.


With Love,


Please let us know if you would like to be kept posted on what goes on!




Marie Franco

Horse & Heart



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