List of Workshops, Courses & Training

workshops, courses, lessons, one-to-one

Courses and one-to-one sessions are held at home or hosted where called for, and students may take lessons with their own horses or with the H&H herd.


All training will be tailored to suit each student's needs and wishes. Everything is possible, and everyone is welcome.- Equine Ethology
- Natural Horse care and husbandry
- Trust, Respect, Communication & Play! From basic to refined, from on line to Liberty… building up to ANY equestrian discipline or work in harness.
- Different equine temperaments and how to address them.
- Horse language for beginners or advanced students


Horse Watch

A workshop in Equine Ethology: a day spent sitting and watching horses in a mindful way, discovering their natural habits, their behaviour, their language, their learning patterns, their role in Nature, their life when we're not around... You will be surprised at just how much you didn't know about horses!

Holistic Horsemanship for All

Lessons for all, Holistic Horsemanship, Natural Horsemanship

The Horseman's and Horsewoman's path – putting the language into practice. One-to-One, workshops and courses taking you through each step of interaction and play with horses, the natural way. From grooming and horse care to ground play, liberty and riding. A journey in growth and communication that will teach you skills way beyond horsemanship!


This programme will be tailored to each student's goals and needs, whether skills oriented or self-development centred – although both do naturally occur hand in hand.

It can be taken WITH YOUR OWN HORSE or with the horses of the H&H herd.Adults & children weclome!


Holistic Horsemanship for little people

WHISPERKIDZ – Workshops & courses held in the H&H herd specifically for children to discover horses – and the Holistic Horsemanship approach – in a natural way.

The HORSE-WISE Programme in equine communication and play through Holistic Horsemanship is aimed at all pony fans and can be taught at any local yard / riding club to groups of children / teenagers / staff and with the yard’s or club’s own horses. This programme teaches an enlightened “way to be” around horses to be used in daily situations from grooming to leading, loading, new situations and basic aids. It is a foundation to ANY equestrian discipline or work in harness. It can be pursued to any desired level, including riding of course. Each level is a 5-day package.


Working Horsemanship Programmes

HORSES IN PARTNERSHIP – The Holistic Horsemanship programme applied to working horses in harness, for logging, farm work and driving.

This programme takes you, together with your horse, through all the steps of trust, respect, communication and partnership on the ground, from scratch to harness work and problem solving, in Holistic Horsemanship only. Duration: 25 days in total divided into 6 modules. Once graduated, you are both ready for specialised courses in the harness activity of your choice.



A foundation to advanced training in horse handling for equine professionals such as VETS, TRIMMERS / farriers, Osteopaths / chiropractors / physiotherapists or other equine healers is available. Duration of the basic programme: 5 days. Once graduated, you understand how horses perceive approach, contact and new situations/ objects and are able to use their language to remain safe, be accepted and respected by them and make the requests that you need of them to carry out your work.


Another Meeting

A course in Phenomenlogy, also known as Goethean Science: studying the animal of your choice following the 4 elements of Earth, Water, Air and Fire. 4 levels of connection leading to Animal Communication, where understanding flows from heart to heart.


This course is offered as a series of 4 workshops focusing on horses, or as a distance learning course, from home with the animal of your choice.

Spirit Horse

3 to 5-day Retreat: a journey in shamanic and spiritual connection with horses – and with oneself. This retreat is organised UPON request only for groups of 5 to 8 people.







Advice on natural equine husbandry and behaviour, available in person or by phone / email / skype.

(£25/hour + mileage where applicable)

Animal Communication & Reiki healing

Marie offers these services for all animals, in person or remote. Reiki is also offered to people.

AC: £60  /  Reiki: £40    + Mileage where applicable.

Co-Facilitated Workshops

Combining other Life skills with Holistic Horsemanship, such as Energy Healing, The Alexander Technique, Storytelling, Singing, Meditation, Mindfulness etc… Check the Events calendar or contact us if you would like to be kept posted on what goes on!

Equine Education / Lessons at home

Within a close radius of Moretonhampstead, we offer:


One-to-one sessions with your horse for his / her education in Holistic Horsemanship.

From foal handling to trained riding / working horses, for specific requests or re-education.

Our Natural Livery packages

Horse & Heart offers limited Natural Livery places among the resident herd for:


- First Education of young horses, from handling to riding / working. For a good start in life!

- Re-education / teaching new skills to horses of any age

- Behaviour therapy

- A student's partner-horse for close-up support on their journey


In all cases the horse's guardian or future carer needs to be genuinely involved in the process and prepared to change / progress in order to meet their horse in a place of lightness, understanding and respect. Lessons might be necessary for this.


All liveries live as part of the resident herd, on wild, moor-like and challenging terrain, barefoot and outdoors all year round and receive holistic care.


We endeavour to meet each guest's specific needs as much as is possible within the structure of our day. We expect open discussion prior to and at all time during hosting to determine whether livery with us is possible and to establish a suitable hosting / working package.


Unfortunately we are not set up to board stallions.


Prices depend on individual packages so please contact us for more info.

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